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Status Update

Dear Work Ohana & Members of the Board,
     Yesterday, April 21, 2009, we had a server malfunction that caused a Jet DSN database driver to become volatile then corrupt & fail completely. This seized the database retrieval of every domain on the server causing the system to stop working and the processor to flat-line with infinite ASP code loops that were not properly handled. Despite several hours of effort to revive system, it was necessary to do a complete restore of the main partition to ensure all services continued to function properly. Our server was down for roughly 4 hours but is now running correctly since 5pm yesterday afternoon.
     Though the cause of this incident is still unknown at this time, I am certain that this was not caused by a malicious act (eg. Hacker, virus, etc).  Rather, this was what some in the technical field refer to as an “event”. 
     Currently, I am working on a better back-up solution that will occur daily and will continue to investigate the cause of this issue in order to implement the appropriate safeguards for the future. In regards to establishing a more comprehensive back-up solution, this will include an extra terabyte of slave hard drive space allocated for 10 incremental backups. These backups will occur every night and stay for a week. The remaining three back-ups will be, two weeks old, one month old, and 3 months old. The three older backups are kept for data recovery from the past.  I have already spoken with our current server providers (A-Plus and The Planet) and found that for roughly $100 per month (total for all 3 current EIS servers), we can implement this solution asap.  Furthermore, we will not be locked into an extended contract, as I negotiated month-to-month terms with both A-Plus and The Planet. 
     Thanks for your continued support and work, if you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to answer any concerns you may have.
Brad Burnham
IT Director/Owner
Empowered Internet Solutions
900 Fort Street Mall, Ste. 518
Honolulu, HI  96815
(808) 593.0073 x111
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